SEO WordPress Pitch: Effi Marketing Team Meeting

SEO WordPress Pitch and Purpose of Marketing Videos

On June 14th, the Effi Growth Marketing Team sat down to discuss the direction they believe the company is headed. They discussed how their major struggle right now is lack of SEO. After hours of research and starting to redesign the WordPress blog, the Marketing interns pitched an idea to the Founder of Effi on how they could increase SEO. This idea was to invest in the Business Plan on WordPress.

As shown in the video investing in the Business Plan on WordPress would address the SEO issue for two main reasons: the SEO tools built into WordPress and a place to host constant content creation. The built-in SEO tools were a major selling point, for the Marketing team currently lacks an an expert in that field and their actual home page is, well, not doing so well in the search engines.

After meeting with some marketing experts in the field they all said one thing repeatedly that Effi was lacking and that is content. Effi has to put out content and a lot of it. Effi is not shy of great writers and great minds so why not put them to work in creating the content their customers want and deserve.

Watch the video above to see what the Founder has to say of the pitch and to see Effi’s future plans to increase SEO. To watch the Uncut Version visit the Effi’s YouTube Page or to read more about the Marketing Team click through Effi’s Marketing Team Page.

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