Top 5 Positives of International Interns

Effi is a global tech startup and therefore has seen its fair share of international interns. We have had some great intern experiences and some not so great intern experiences but we have learned a great deal from every single one. All of our interns have made us a stronger and more global company and we are thankful for every single one. Keep working hard Effi interns!

We would like to share some positives (and negatives) we have encountered and complied for you if you are on the edge about hiring international interns.

Clashing Opinions

International Interns clash of opinions

Now at first glance this may seem like a negative. However its a great way to grow as a company. Often times small startups have a very narrow tunnel of vision. After all a startup is very dear and precious. People have spent years thinking about their own business so when it finally comes to fruition, they want to be a part of everything and they want to make sure it fits their vision. However that is also the reason why most startups fail. Having living, physical, proof in front of you that the whole world does not think like you is refreshing. If one chooses to listen to other’s stories and reasoning it will be much easier to break into the global market.

Market Insight

International Interns Market Insight

Offering a look into the intern’s home culture is often the first positive of international hires that people think of. Just because its obvious does not mean it should be overlooked. If you are trying to break into a certain foreign market hiring someone from there, even just as an intern, will offer infinite more resources than simple research into the market. Markets change rapidly, specially in the tech field, and research just can’t keep up. With an intern who is constantly connected back to your desired market you will rarely fall behind.

Natural Flow in Content

International interns natural flow in content ability

Content has become increasingly important to brand image and popularity. So much so that products without content are often seen as scams or unreliable. This poses a problem when trying to expand globally. If you are not fluent in the language or do not know all the language quirks and flows your company will seem strange, unattainable, or, at its worse, stupid. An international intern can make sure this never happens and that your company sounds as common to a customer in you desired market as the store down the street.

Optimized Customer Service

International interns optimize customer service

One of the hardest aspects of being a foreign company is satisfying all your customers needs. How can you answer a customer’s needs who is based in China if you don’t know Chinese or have a very thick accent when you speak it? Hiring an international intern from your most user populated countries can offer a better customer experience leading to a better relationship and long-lasting brand image.

Global Networking

Global Network of International Interns

Many think that networking has to start out with other experts in the same field. That your network can’t be built by just one other individual that is just entering the workforce. However think about how many other individuals your intern will know. How many university professors or students? How many previous coworkers or friends of the family? Just becoming close with one individual in your new global market can open a world of possibilities.

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