What Millennials Need in a Startup Business

Co-Founder Steve’s Journal: 1st Installment – Millennials

Effi is a South Korean based startup that has customers and workers across the globe. Expanding internationally and across generations has been difficult and rewarding. Effi’s Co-Founder Steve talks about some of these challenges and how working with people within different backgrounds and ages has taught him lessons on how to run a successful company.

He offers three ingredients that are needed to successfully guide millennial workers: vision, care, and salary. In explaining this, he uses interesting and sometimes comical stories from his earlier days as the company was just starting. He also speaks on his early mistakes and faults as a senior to his employees – how hard it can be to have a connection with one’s juniors or interns – and how he overcame this. If your interested in starting your own startup or taking on a new leadership role, Effi’s Co-founder Steve wants to offer some advice.

With funny past stories and growth advice, this video offers a glimpse into the lives of an international startup company, consisting of mostly millennials, coming into its own. Follow Co-Founder Steve’s Journal on Effi’s YouTube channel to stay up to date or to know more about Effi and our marketing team explore our blog.

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