How to Work with Millennials

Effi | Bug Reporting Tool for Mobile Apps Co-Founder, Steve Choi, talks about his experience working with millennials in part one of this two part series.

How to Work with Millennials Part 1

In this video Mr. Choi talks about his experience running a startup that comprises mostly of millennials. Facing generation gaps and different beliefs is one of the hardest aspects of every business communication. One action or saying can be completely normal to one person and completely disrespectful to another. It is the age-old problem of the workplace. How to work with the new age of workers? How to work with millennials? So how can we address this?

The real answer is that no one knows an exact cure to miscommunication. If we did there wouldn’t be people who study communication for a majority of there lives. Communication is one of the most primal acts a human can do. However, it is one of the most complex as well. Bring in the element of a job and hierarchies within this atmosphere and communication because ten times more difficult. No one wants a business to fail or have a great idea go to waste because of something as simple as communication. Right? Something as simple as being raised in a different environment. Co-founder Steve offers up some advice he has learned along the way. With a dash of comedy and glance in the past, this video is for any new CEO or struggling leader.

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