Hi, we are Effi’s Growth Marketing Team. There is a constant change of interns here as we are an international startup but we would still like to introduce ourselves. We have started a new series on YouTube for our marketing meetings. If you are a startup and want to learn from our failures and (hopefully) successes than subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us here on WordPress.

If you are startup and need help with the QA process Effi services may be of benefit to you. For more information visit our official website or contact us directly.

Effi Growth Marketing Team

Jamie Waltenbaugh

Hi, I am an American college student currently interning in South Korea. I am majoring in Liberal Studies with a minor in Business and Asian Studies. I am a content creator for Effi this summer. I really enjoy working here and love the experience this is giving me. Everyone here is so passionate about improving and growing. I really hope to help Effi grow in the future as this company has grown to be my home away from home.